Salesforce’s Co-CEO Keith Block steps down

Block Keith announced that he is stepping down as a co-CEO of Salesforce effective immediately.

Keith Block is the co-CEO of Salesforce, the cloud-based software company giant headquartered in San Francisco, California. Block announced his departure from the company after almost 7 years of service. Shocked with Block’s decision, his departure was confirmed by Salesforce through removing his profile in the Salesforce leadership board.

Block has managed world-class sales, consulting, and engineering team for early 30 years, with a focus on business transformation. Since joining Salesforce in 2013, Block serves as Vice Chairman, President Director and COO before becoming the co-CEO of the company.

Prior to joining Salesforce, Block served as Executive Vice President of North America Sales and Consulting at Oracle, leading a multi-billion-dollar sales and services business unit that achieved record during his tenure. He began his career at Booz Allen Hamilton as a senior consultant.

Startled and sad, the company allows Block to warmly say his farewell to the company and company’s investors through a conference call. Marc Benioff, co-CEO (now sole CEO) of Salesforce commented to Block’s stepping down.

“I want to say a few words about Keith. Now as you’ve read by now he’s stepping down as co-CEO. Keith is an incredible leader and close friend who has helped position us as global leader and deeply strengthened our company,” stated Benioff.

“We’re surely going to miss Keith around here. Keith joined almost seven years ago and together we’ve grown Salesforce into a company that is the envy of the industry. I am especially grateful to Keith for his service to Salesforce and I’m absolutely delighted that he will be staying on as an adviser to me. Now as we continue to build on our fourth quarter and our year. Our time together has been amazing. I’m his biggest supporter, I am his close friend. I am here to help him on his journey and as he begins this new journey, we are all with you Keith. And we’re all very excited for you. Now Keith, I know this goes without saying, but you will always be part of our ohana [Hawaiian word for family]”, Benioff further added.

Block did not say any details about his next step. Instead, he bid farewell saying, “It’s been my greatest honor to be part of Salesforce over the last seven years. When I first joined the company in 2013, we were generating $4 billion in revenue. Amazingly about the same amount that we just delivered in this last quarter. And now we are a global enterprise company guiding to more than $21 billion in FY21 with a focus on industries and speaking the language of the customer. We have the market’s leading enterprise software ecosystem and we are now the trusted advisor for digital transformation for CEOs al over the world.,” said Block.

“It’s a tremendous accomplishment, but I am ready to start a new chapter. I’m very grateful to our employees, our customers, our partners and certainly this community, our investors. And working side by side with you Marc as well the rest of this great management team has been one of the most fulfilling experiences of my career. I will be forever grateful for our friendship. So I appreciate that. And I’m very proud of the incredible growth trajectory the company is on,” Block added.

Salesforce also reported a 3.5% down after-hours trading Tuesday.

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