Corey Weiner is the new CEO of Jun Group

Corey Weiner is taking over Mitchell Reichgut’s CEO post as Reichgut decided to step down.

Mitchell Reichgut, the Founder and CEO of Jun Group declares that he is stepping down in his helm. With Reichgut stepping down, Chief Operating Officer and President Corey Weiner will be taking over his position and become the new CEO of the company.

“I think it is the right time for the company to have a leadership change,” Reichgut said.  “I have been stepping back more and more, so it’s a natural progression, with a bunch of managers here taking on larger roles as I move on,” he added.

Jun Group is a mobile advertising company founded in 2005. Jun Group focuses on distributing video and branded content in-app through a practice called value-exchange or the sales transaction between a company and its customers.

Weiner joined the advertising platform in 2009. He was also the Chief Executive Officer of HyprMX Mobile – a platform that runs video ads from Fortune 500 brands and delivers exceptional payouts to app publishers.

As the new CEO of Jun Group, Weiner plans on doubling down Jun Group’s way of advertising. “Our primary motivation is to evangelize that format. As you know, most advertising is interruptive and consumers don’t like that kind of advertising very much — in some cases, they’re annoyed by it. This value exchange flips the advertising paradigm on its head. By choosing to engage with advertising, they are getting something amazing in return,” Weiner said.

The announcement comes after Advantage Solutions – a platform that helps build brand value for manufacturers and retailers through insight-based sales, marketing, and technology solutions acquired Jun Group.

According to Reichgut, the acquisition has nothing to do with him stepping down. Instead, Reichgut said that he is stepping down to entirely focus on artwork and writing and community service after his long, long career.

Alongside Weiner, there are also some executives who will take on new roles including Mishel Alon who will be taking over the COO position, Leslie Bargmann – the new vice president of client services, and Jeremy Ellison – vice president of technology.

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